We believe strongly, although beneficial in many ways, that it is not a seminary’s responsibility to test, train, affirm, and send out church planters/local church pastors. This burden and responsibility falls to the local church. It is because of this conviction that we have committed ourselves to being a church that raises up qualified men for the role of local church pastors with the goal of sending them throughout the world.

We have gradually been developing a training that will place you with other men who desire the role of elder (1 Timothy 3:1). Our goal is to train theologically sound, spiritually mature, shepherds of the local church. Currently, our areas of focus are sound doctrine, preaching, and practical pastoring.

If you are interested in participating, the following qualifications should be evident:

  1. You must desire the role of pastor/elder in a local church context
  2. You must be a member of Redeemer Church, currently serving according to your gifts and abilities within our body.
  3. You must be willing to fulfill all of the requirements of our program (reading, assignments, meeting with an elder regularly, etc)

Participating in this training does not guarantee you an elder position at Redeemer Church, nor does it necessarily culminate in a reference to a local church.

If this is a commitment you are willing to make, please fill out the form below and one of our elders will be happy to follow up with you shortly.