Just because we have believed in Christ and have been justified by God Himself, it does not mean that we will not have struggles in this life.

The Scriptures call us to be in community with other believers. Certainly this can be fulfilled through corporate worship gatherings, Community Groups, and private discipleship – but sometimes we need to think intentionally and biblically in a different setting.

Whether you are wanting to grow in your fight against prevailing sin, battling addiction (alcohol, money, sex/pornography), or even desire pre-marital/marriage counseling, we want to offer, at the least, a meeting with one of our elders or another trusted counselor from our church.

If you would like to explore this possibility, we ask that you fill out the below form by informing us of what it is that you are requesting counseling for. There may be additional things we request of you prior to meeting.

* Please know that this form goes directly to one of our pastors and will not be shared with others *