• Gathered Worship | December 20, 2015

    We come to our last Sunday of the Advent season this week, celebrating the fulfillment of the promised Messiah – Jesus the Christ. However, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus in the coming weeks, we cannot ignore that He came for a much greater purpose than a fascinating birth

  • Gathered Worship | December 13, 2015

    This Sunday we continue with week three of our Advent series. This week, Aaron will be preaching from Luke 1:67-79 focusing on the “Proclamation” of God being made flesh. Our prayer is that this will not just be a season for your family to be together and exchange presents, but that

  • Gathered Worship | December 6, 2015

    Continuing on in our series of Advent, this week we take special consideration of the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she would conceive and bear a son – naming him Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). As we continue through the narrative of a coming Messiah, let us not forget that the

  • Gathered Worship | November 29, 2015

    This Sunday we will begin a new 4-week series called “Advent.” This is the time of year that focuses on the incarnation of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and looks toward his second coming as the reigning King. Over the course of this series, we will look at several aspects of

  • Gathered Worship | November 22, 2015

    This Sunday we will conclude our series through our Core Identities. All of these flow naturally out of the Good News of Jesus – that he was crucified, buried, and raised on the third day – all according to the Scriptures. In light of this good news we are: Worshippers Disciples/Doers

  • Gathered Worship | November 15, 2015

    As we continue on into our Core Identities series, we should begin to see how all of these intertwine with one another. We began with how the Gospel (the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus) is the foundation of everything we will do. In light of this great news we

  • Gathered Worship | November 8, 2015

    As we gather for worship this week, we will continue walking through our “Core Identities.” Our focus for this week will be our identity as Disciples/Doers. Though following Jesus does involve learning and growing in knowledge, it does not end there – Jesus demands obedience in accordance with our knowledge.

  • Gathered Worship | November 1, 2015

    This past Sunday, for our first ever worship gathering, we talked about the foundation on which everything our church does will stand: The Gospel of Jesus. The good news that he died for sinners, was buried taking on the punishment of sin, but raised victoriously over death is the reason we

  • Gathered Worship | October 25, 2015

    As we gather to worship publicly for the first time, we wanted to give you a preview of what to expect.  For our very first sermon, Brad will be preaching from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, a foundational Scripture regarding the importance of the resurrection of Jesus. During our time we will